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   You probably want to know a little about me, or maybe you don't but at the very least I want to let you know why I created this online speed reading site... Ok speed reading has been a passion of mine for almost 15 years... I started to become interested in it after finding I just didn't have the time to read through all my University work I began to fall behind in class because of this. You see I used to be a very

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slow reader; you know one of those kids who would get up in front of class and be forced to read out loud but struggled to even get a sentence out... Sure a lot of people may this be due to being shy youngster but for me it had nothing to do with that, I was just a slow awkward reader and when I carried that into my Uni days I realized it just wasn't working for me!

   So a close mate of mine from Uni told me about speed reading... At first I thought it sounded gimmicky to me and was sure it was not for me, but after looking further into it I realized it was a legitimate skill now there's even software out there including EyeQ (EyeQ Review). Personally though I was just making simple errors in my reading... I don't mean I was reading the words incorrectly, I was just constantly going over the same words over and over like I was checking what I just wrote!

   Ok so you get the picture... Well I'd like to tell you all now that I am now a speed reader and can read up to 600 words per minute... So what I'd like to do is share my speed reading knowledge with you with my website online speed reading . org ... I put a lot of work into this site and if you would like to link to me that would be great! Most of all enjoy it!


Your Online Speed Reading Friend,

Owen Redding